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Theatre trip

Year 9 have started the year by studying the opening music from the hit Broadway musical, "Hamilton!". As we could not get to Broadway, Broadway came to us. Every student received a ticket for the show and arrived at the theatre right on time. They chose their seats and the lights dimmed as the curtains rose. They were immersed in the story of the American founding fathers and the original hip-hop music created by Lin-Manuel Miranda. During the intermission, snacks and drinks were served before they took their seats again for the remainder of the show. The whole performance was 2.5 hours long, but Mrs Rumi was assured by the students that the time flew and it only felt like an hour! They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and now Year 7 and 8 are wondering if they will get a trip to the theatre sometime soon!
Mrs Rumistrzewicz

Interhouse Fitness Challenge


PE students at King's College Murcia started their return to school with an inter-house fitness competition. The event, held over 6 lessons, was proof that the students have returned from the summer holidays fit and raring to go. The competition was for all students from Year 3 upwards, with KS1 having their own competition in the future. The challenges consisted of the students trying to complete as many specific exercises in one minute as possible, which included movements such as press-ups, squats and star jumps. They also took part in the dreaded wall-sit challenge with Tamara and Solomon in Year 10 holding the position for over 30 minutes!

Every repetition by every student contributed towards their house total, so every effort counted. After the results were tallied up, Cervantes ran-out deserved winners with Gaudi just behind in second place. Newton and Churchill came 3rd and 4th respectively. Congratulations to all the students who have returned to school with such enthusiasm and worked incredibly hard for their house. 

Each year group had individual winners for boys and girls, which can be seen in the table below. 

Next up is an inter-house skills competition, where we will get to see our students performing various individual handball, football and basketball challenges. Good Luck!



Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

1st BOY

Daniel Á-G

Pablo G



Juan Pe




1st GIRL

Martina E

Valentina G







Mr Ryland and Ms Gardiner