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Key Stage 3 Business Project

Some of our Key Stage 3 students took part in a number of marketing presentations as a part of a business project. Our judges were very impressed as 4 different groups presented and talked about their target markets, rivals and came up with a marketing campaign with mottos, jingles and leaflets!

Year 6 Alicante Trip

From Monday 3rd June to Friday 7th June the Year 6 pupils headed off to Alicante for the annual Year 6 trip. This is a fun-packed week where the pupils got to visit an adventure park, do water sports, explore the amusement park Terra Mítica near Benidorm and finally go on a tour around the famous Turrón museum in JIjona. If that wasn't enough, then they also stay in a hotel with a beautiful pool area and a restaurant that served magnificent food for them for breakfast and dinner. The pupils were a credit to the school's standards and expectations and they showed that they can be independent and organise themselves away from home. Mr McIntyre, our Head of Key Stage 3, was also very impressed with their conduct and is confident about how well they will cope moving into Secondary next  year. A big thank you must be given to Mr Jones for his leadership on the trip and also to Dr Joanna Browne (Trips Coordinator) and Joanne Stackhouse (Head of Primary) for their support leading up to the trip’s departure.  

Key Stage 1 trip to El Almendrico

On Tuesday 28th May, Key Stage 1 went on a trip to El Almendrico farm and activity centre.  We were welcomed by members of staff who informed us of what we would be doing for the next few hours. 
We started with bread-making – which was a great surprise!  We were given balls of dough and chanted songs as we kneaded the dough and sprinkled it with flour.  This was great fun and, when we had kneaded our dough sufficiently, it was taken to be baked in the oven.
While our bread was baking, we were able to explore the rest of the farm.  We saw many different animals including ducks, chickens, chicks and eggs, turtles, tortoises, a Shetland pony, goats, a donkey and horses.  Some of the children even got to ride the small horse.  We found out lots of information about the animals and were able to feed and touch them; we were told how to do this safely and correctly by our guides.  We also looked at some of the trees on the farm and made predictions about the fruits they produced. 
By the time we had done all of this it was time to leave, but not before our baked bread was returned to us as a memento of the day – as well as an extra treat for lunch! 
From the farm we travelled to Tentagorra Park.  By this time, everyone was very hungry so we ate our picnic outside.  We just had enough time to play in the park before it was time to return to school.
The children of Key Stage 1 said it was the best trip they had been on and were excited to tell their family and friends all about their day.  And it goes without saying that their behaviour was outstanding! 

Rio Safari Trip

After a very exciting bus trip, with lots of singing and laughter, the children arrived at the zoo, keen and ready to explore. They interacted with a fantastic selection of wildlife, ranging from ring tailed lemurs, to crocodiles! They saw an amazing parrot show and some parrots flew so close to the children that they could touch them!
After a quick bite to eat, we all went to see the rest of the animals in the zoo. The children were delighted to learn that the zoo had not one, but five crocodiles! They were so still, they didn't look real! The next stop, was the ever popular train journey around the zoo. The children were given a guide, who spoke to them bilingually, explaining what the animals eat, where they're from in the world, and how big they get. We saw camels, buffalo, deer and leopards. We even saw some baby animals, which was wonderful! After the train ride, it was time for lunch and a bit of a play. The children burnt off some energy in the huge playground and then had a little rest before we moved on.
By far the highlight of the day was feeding the animals. Lucky for us, Gerrie, our favourite giraffe, was particularly hungry on the day, and managed to eat 2 kilos of carrots and apples! The children also gave carrots to the hungry goats and pigs, so everyone got a good feed! On the way back to school, it was clear to see just how much fun the children had, by how many fell asleep! It was an absolutely super day, enjoyed by all the children and staff. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who came on the trip!

Key Stage 1 Sports Day

KS1 Sports Day

On Friday 3rd May at 3 pm, King’s College Murcia held the KS1 Sports Day. It was a glorious day and the children were full of excitement as they entered the football pitch and got themselves into their houses. After a fun warm-up with staff and sports leaders, the children prepared themselves for their first event which was the triple jump. All the Year 1’s went first and then all the Year 2’s. After three great jumps from everyone, it seemed the winning house for Year 1 was Cervantes with Daniel doing 3 amazing jumps and Churchill for Year 2 with Pablo doing some fantastic jumping.

Then we had bean bag throwing. This time all the girls competed together and then all the boys. The sports leaders were shocked at how far some of the children could throw, especially Aisha and Hugo for Gaudi and Harry and Carmen for Cervantes. Gaudi girls won that event along with Cervantes boys.

The next event was the balancing of the beanbags and the houses had to get everyone across the line, sat down with their cone held up to win. This was a very close event and Newton girls just beat Gaudi girls in this event and Churchill boys all managed to cross the finishing line first. Some impressive techniques were used by Valentina in Newton and Adrian in Churchill as they both ran ahead of everyone with the beanbag on their heads, arms by their sides and they didn't drop the bean bag once.

The hoop skipping race took place next and we had some great skipping from Alejandro in Newton and Paloma in Cervantes. Cervantes boys came first in that event and Newton girls. After a well-earned water break,  the next event was the obstacle course, the event the children all thoroughly enjoy taking part in.

For our demonstration, our lovely interns competed in the obstacle course to help earn points for their house and there were some very interesting interpretations of the course as Mr Knight leapt over the chair at the end rather than go under it. It was a very close finish and Miss Lyne for Gaudi was the overall winner. Then the children all lined up ready to go and they all worked extremely well together. Newton was extremely quick and finished first, followed by Churchill, Gaudi and then Cervantes.

Then the parents took part and what an intense competition this was with Carlota’s dad from Gaudi winning. Our final event of the day was the flat races and this was a very close finish amongst all the houses. The overall winners were Newton girls and Cervantes boys. Again our parents took part in this and it was Chloe's dad in Cervantes who won a very fast dad’s race and Nate’s mum in Newton who won an equally fast mum’s race. After adding up all the scores the winners for the KS1 Sports Day were Newton, followed by Cervantes and in equal third place with the exact same points were Gaudi and Churchill. The children were undoubtedly fantastic and I have no doubts we have future athletes in KS1.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents that turned up to support the event and all the wonderful children in KS1 whose behaviour and sportsmanship was impeccable. All the amazing staff; teachers, teaching assistants, interns and our fantastic sports leaders. Mr Mills (whose next job is to be a commentator at the Olympics) and Miss Willett for all their help in preparing the children in each of the events. Additional thanks to Pedro, Mr Brett and Jose Luis.

Mrs Foy