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Joan Lata visit - Living with Cerebral Palsy

Last week the inspirational Joan Latta spoke to our Secondary pupils about living with Cerebral Palsy. Uncertain at first, our students were soon captivated by her life story and accomplishments. Joan explained to them what Cerebral Palsy was, and how she was starved of oxygen at birth for 28 minutes. This caused irreversible brain damage to Joan. Joan had to learn how to swallow, something that is normally inherent within us, and people weren’t sure whether she would ever be able to walk or talk. 


Joan then explained to our students about how she accomplished her amazing achievements throughout her life; excellent GCSE results, walking the whole of the coastal path in the South West of England, over 1000km in total. She has learnt to ski, horse ride, swim and has started her own business. Our students were riveted throughout the talk, engaged with Joan, asked her questions and clearly left the assembly with a deep respect for her. She has shown our students the power of resilience, not giving up and aiming high. A big thank you to Joan for inspiring our Secondary students!

If you would like to learn more about Joan, her website is
Miss Wilson

KCM Running Club - First Race!

King’s College Running Club

This year at King's College Murcia, we have a new addition to our sporting program in the form of a running club. The idea is to engage students from all year groups in various training sessions and events. We have built up a large group of both primary and secondary students and we continue to grow. We offer training Tuesday after school for Years 5 and up, Thursday lunchtimes for Secondary students, and Thursday activity time for Primary students. All levels of experience are welcome with our main objective being to have fun whilst improving fitness and technique.
We have identified a number of races for our students to put their training into practice. The first of which was the X Carrera y Marcha Popular El Palmar on Sunday 13th of January where we had students ranging from Year 1 to Year 7. Although it was a non-competitive format, our runners still wanted to put themselves to the test against the clock. In the first event, a 500m race, Sander C. in Year 5 achieved the fastest time with Eugenio C. from Year 4 in second. In the longer 900m event, Amira C. from Year 7 was the second fastest girl overall. It was great to see how well the students competed against the local community and we were very proud of the effort they have put in during training.
Our next race is the V Carrera Solidaria CEI & Save the Children in Murcia on Sunday the 9th of February. The team will be approaching this slightly bigger event with a lot of optimism after some good training.
Mr Ryland

Key Stage 1 Nativity with the Aliens!

Well I never! What a perfect performance of ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ delivered by year 1 and year 2 – they definitely let the universe know who were the stars of that stage.
Humour, laughter and dedication told the story of Christmas from an alien’s point of view, to their family and friends, some of whom attended both performances!
Parents were captivated by the singing of the young shepherds from year 1, who have truly strong voices, and just adored the Three Kings’ solos bringing golden notes to the stage.
Our Angels were angelic, our Aliens amazing, the Innkeepers and doors knocked everyone’s socks off. The schoolchildren cheerfully played their part, while Mary and Joseph were ready for anything!
Everyone played their part without a glitch, unlike the spaceship!
Thank you to Mrs Wilmshurst, Mrs Rumi, Mrs Simkins form year 1, and Mrs Hardwick and Miss Wilkinson from year 2, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves too – it was a pleasure.

Primary Interhouse Football

Throughout November, years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have been competing in the annual Inter-house football competition. The competition has encouraged team spirit and an ethos of 'getting involved'. A tournament was played over 3 weeks allowing each team to gain points. 1 point for a loss, 2 points for a draw, 3 points for a win, ensuring that all participants are rewarded for their efforts and contributions. The talent on show has been amazing! We have had a variety of incredible free-kicks, great set pieces and wonder saves across all four year groups. So far, the results have been very close within leagues, but varied across all four year groups. We look forward to the final week of fixtures and will release results as soon as possible!

Duke of Edinburgh Orienteering Day

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Duke of Edinburgh Orienteering Day - Pupils passed first training day with flying colours.


Last Saturday 2nd November, twenty Year 10 pupils ventured out onto the valley of El Garruchal armed with little more than a map and a compass.  The task for the day was to navigate along the winding paths, around abandoned ruins and over wild terrain. The pupils fear of getting lost soon dissipated as they became more confident in their navigation skills, and started enjoying being out in the fresh air.  The only complaints were achy legs or feet, but the first adventurous journey in March, with two night’s camping, is firing them with enthusiasm. The participants are all preparing for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. 

Thanks to all the volunteers and Miss Wilson who made the day possible.


By Sally Bengtsson.

Fundraiser Concert

Fundraising Concert - Friday 25th October
Due to the torrential and devastating flooding a few weeks ago, our school was closed and our communities were hugely adversely affected. As a school, we had equipment damaged and were unable to hold our regular World Peace Day event which we were very much looking forward to.  Around the same time, many accomplished musicians from both the Primary and Secondary departments received the disappointing news that the Music Festival in Madrid had been cancelled.
We decided to create an event that would incorporate all of these things, and more - giving the performers who had practised a chance to shine as well as raise money for the victims of the devastating flooding - and the Fundraising Concert was born!
Lots of preparation went into the concert - students from KS3 wrote poetry inspired by the storms which could be shared; the choirs continued to rehearse; the soloists prepared and the maintenance team worked hard to get the theatre back up and running.  Then staff and student volunteers helped co-ordinate the refreshments, the raffle prizes,  the collection pots and the powerpoint presentations. Finally, we were ready for the big day!
The concert was a great success, with some outstanding solo performances from our students who showed great courage when stepping up on the  stage in front of an audience of about 550 people. It was wonderful to watch them in action and celebrate the fantastic talents that we have in our school. The choirs did equally well, from the smallest KS1 children through to the Primary Singers (a selection of Year 5 and 6) and finally the finale of the big KS2 choir. There was a real sense of celebration, encouragement and community in the air. Well done to all those who took part - we managed to raise over 200 euros! A fabulous effort!
Mrs Rumistrzewicz

Sports Day

Sports Day Report October 2019

This year’s inter-house Sports Day was held in San Javier Polideportivo on October the 18th. A change in date gave us the perfect weather to enjoy some competitive athletics and celebrate our students abilities. For the first year ever, we had an opening ceremony with each house displaying their banner and marching to their theme song. It was great to see the students passion for their Houses in preparation for this event.
The day consisted of track and field events, as well as the tug’o’war. Secondary students started on the track with some notable performances from Nicolas H. in Year 7 and Carmin I. in Year 10 winning their races well. Primary students were completing all the field events and there were some outstanding throws and jumps on display, with Sander and Fran in Year 5 scoring maximum points in all events!
Each year group also had a relay race which is often the highlight, and it was great to see strong teams like Cervantes Year 6 girls and Gaudi Year 10 boys doing so well. There were two athletes who stood out in particular winning all their events. Juan (Gaudi) and Lara (Newton) in Year 6 won everything they entered which was incredibly impressive and fills us with hope for the primary games.
Well done to all students who competed and to all parents who came to watch, it was a great day and there was a wonderful atmosphere. Congratulations to Gaudi House who won this year's championship through consistent high placed finishes in many of the races.
Mr Ryland