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Piano and Concert Concert

We were absolutely blown away this week at how well our musicians did in their piano and violin concerts. We had children from Reception through to Year 2 playing various songs that they had been learning throughout the year. I'm sure all the parents will agree that they did brilliantly, and we're very proud not only of their musical ability but also the confidence they showed playing in front of a crowd. Well done! 

Year 1 Wild Flower Hunt

The Year 1's have been exploring again! This time they were hunting the wild flowers that are popping up now that the weather is sunny. The children were learning how to gather data; counting the number of flowers in a tally chart, and then adding up the totals. In this way, the children combined learning about nature and practicing mathematics as well. 

Reception go to the Planetarium

Our Reception classes, after having studied all about the space, aliens and the universe, had the chance to take their learning one step further and look everything space-related up close! The children looked at the robotics used for space exploration, as well as the different stars in our galaxy. 

Gluten Free Day at KIS

Today our kitchen staff were keen to teach us all about gluten, where it is found, and how it can be harmful to certain people. It is important that the children understand the difficulties that those with celiac disease must overcome. Luis prepared some bread without gluten, so that we could compare it to bread with gluten. Thank you to our fantastic kitchen staff for the extra work they put in today! 

Reception Assembly

On Monday afternoon, the Reception classes both put on a show to celebrate their very succesful year! They taught us all about 3-D shapes, and dinousaurs and showed us how they can sing and dance. We were very pleased that so many parents showed up to celebrate with us, and we couldn't be prouder of the courage the children demonstrated, talking and singing in front of such a big crowd. Well done Reception!

San Isidro Dress up Day

Today we celebrated San Isidro, one of the most popular holidays in Madrid. We asked the children to come dressed up in the traditional Chualpo/Chulapa clothing, and we took the opportunity to celebrate Madrid and Spain in general. In the afternoon, we hosted a Chocolate con Churros event for the parents to come and relax and talk to us. It was fantastic to see so many parents turn up and have a good time! 

Year 1 teaches us about Africa!

Last week the Year 1 children had been working very hard to put on a brilliant show about Africa. The two classes, in addition to performing Handa's Surprise also taught us a lot of facts. Each child demonstrated what they had learnt about the unique and rich culture. All their parents came to see what they children had come up with, and they were very proud of what they saw. Thank you year 1!

Sports Day at KIS

The children had some very special visitors today from LLS. A group of young sports coaches who have a passion for teaching children about sport and encouraging participation from every child. It was a joy to watch each child explore their inner athlete, and I'm sure that many children were inspired to participate more actively in sports in the future. Thank you very much! 

Easter Egg Hunts!

We were all very surprised to see that the Easter Bunny had come in the night, and hidden chocolate eggs all over the school. Each class had to follow a set of clues to find the final prize, their delicious chocolate egg. It was a very fun way to finish the term, after everyone had worked so hard. Thank you very much Easter Bunny!

Year 2 Trip to Faunia

Year 2 explored their wild side by taking a trip to Faunia, where they had the chance to see and learn about a wide variety of wild animals, as well as their habitats. Faunia displays examples of Jungle, Polar and African Rainforest habitats. We're hoping this experience helped the children to understand the importance of protecting endangered species and respecting nature. 

Year 1 Spring Walk

Yesterday we were celebrating the arrival of Spring, and the children were taken on a walk through the local area to spot spring things. We looked for anything that was growing, and the children were very excited to be able to see all the plants and insects that have finally come out after a cold winter. 

Nursery goes to Nanoespacio

This week, we took the Nursery children to the Muncyt Museum, where they have a great time exploring 'Nanoespacio' - the sensory room! The children were able to investigate how our 5 senses work and began to relate them to different parts of the body, through various puzzles, games and challenges. 

Science Competition!

For the past few months you've been sending in your video entries as part of our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Science Competition. Today we announced the winners - Congratulations Ishaan, Juan and Laura! Every video we saw was a delight to watch, and we'd like to thank everyone who took part. It was great seeing the children getting creative with science and showing off their favourite experiments. The lucky winners each received a chemistry kit, so that they may continue their experimenting! 

The Daily Mile

Today the children took part in 'The Daily Mile' to raise money for the Amigos de Nyumbani Charity. The children were sponsored by their parents to run as many laps as they could, earning money for each lap. We were very proud of what everyone managed to achieve, especially since it means helping children in less fortunate circumstances. Thank you to all our sponsors! Please read more about Amigos de Nyumbani to see exactly how you're helping! 

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