Dear Parents,


King’s College is committed to providing pupils with the best educational resources and access to technology. In the following months, the school will utilise a suite of online applications called Google Apps for Education to integrate 21st century technology tools into the curriculum.


Pupil use of Google Apps for Education is subject to the SCHOOL POLICY ON THE APPROPRIATE USE OF SCHOOL AND PERSONAL TECHNOLOGY BY PUPILS. Because the school use of Google Apps for Education involves online storage of pupil class work and the collection of personal information from pupils (first name, last name, and username), the school requires written parent/guardian consent for pupils to use Google Apps for Education. Parent/guardian consent is entirely voluntary. However, pupils who do not have permission to use Google Apps for Education will not be able to create or share assignments online.


Google Apps for Education offers free web-based tools that facilitate collaboration and communication among pupils and staff when creating, sharing, and storing documents and assignments online. Each of the Google Apps for Education tools can be accessed from any internet connection at school, home, or elsewhere. Descriptions of the Google Apps Suite tools can be found at


After receiving a signed Addendum to the APPROPRIATE USE OF TECHNOLOGY POLICY form, pupil accounts are created through an automated process during which the student’s information is transmitted to, and stored by, Google on behalf of the school. This information is used only to create, manage and maintain user accounts; Google’s Privacy Policy prevents Google from sharing personal information and they do not access content stored on Google Apps, unless the school gives them explicit permission to do so for troubleshooting purposes. More information about Google Apps for Education and its privacy policies are available at

The school use of Google Apps for Education is subject to two important privacy laws.*


In addition to the core Google applications, the school may make additional applications available provided that any such app supports pupils achievement, while reasonably ensuring a safe and secure environment.


The development of 21st century learning and skills (collaboration with peers, digital literacy, effectively harnessing social media and design skill sets across multiple disciplines) is no longer optional for students or teachers. Again, Google Apps for Education allows us as an institution to promote them within a safe and managed environment. Students can collaborate on research projects and papers using Google Drive’s share features. By using tools such as Google Sites, students can create digital portfolios to highlight their accomplishments and demonstrate their learning through multi-modal examples (documents, imagery, video, and more).


You can download the PUPILS APPROPRIATE USE OF TECHNOLOGY POLICY using the following link: or under the Policies and Guidance Documents on the web.


Yours faithfully,



Mr. S. Rumistrzewicz



* We comply with FERPA and the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement. Google Apps for Education complies with FERPA and our commitment to do so is included in our agreements. Google is registered with the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement, which helps ensure that our data protection compliance meets European Union standards for educational institutions.

Addendum to the Appropriate Use of Technology Policy



Google Apps for Education


I have read the enclosed Pupils’ Appropriate Use of Technology Terms and Conditions and Google Apps for Education Background Information, and am aware that the school utilises a suite of online applications called Google Apps for Education to facilitate collaboration and communication among pupils and staff when creating, sharing and storing documents and assignments online.


I understand that when a school user account is created for the pupil, a corresponding Google Apps for Education account will be automatically created, causing information about the student (first name, last name, and username) to be collected and stored electronically. I further understand that the pupil may store class work or files in Google Apps for Education; depending on the sharing options selected by the pupil. These files may be accessible to other Pupils and teachers. I have read the privacy policies associated with the use of Google Apps for Education (



Check one:


I give permission for a school user account (including Internet and Google Apps for Education) to be issued to the Pupil. I realise that my child may be able to share files with other pupils and teachers.


I do not give permission for the Pupil to have Internet or Google Apps for Education access. The Pupil will not be issued a school user account and will only be provided with access while participating in school-adopted computer-based assessments.




Print Pupil’s Name                                                                                                                                       Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)


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