Health education, both formal and informal, is part of the broad curriculum in King’s College Murcia.

Learning in this area begins very early in a child’s stay at the school to encourage healthy habits including personal hygiene, as well as care and respect for themselves and those around them.

The school has an insurance policy covering accidents suffered during school activities on or off the premises. In case of the need for specialised treatment, a local medical centre is used and parents are informed as a matter of priority.

We are fortunate to have the services of a full-time qualified school nurse who deals with minor accidents and illnesses. If your son or daughter has a problem do contact the school nurse. Ann Sinclair is a highly experienced State Registered Nurse in the UK. She is here every day from first thing in the morning until the end of school. You will find her on the gate welcoming parents and students each and every morning, whatever the weather. If children need to take medicine during the day all medicines should be left with Nurse Ann. A number of the staff are also First Aid trained.

Please also make the school aware of any allergies your child has. We are very careful with this and the school is a ´nut-free zone´just as a precaution!

The children could not be educated in a more healthy environment! Set in the middle of farmland in the immaculately clean air of the region of Murcia and with the finest climate in Spain we are confident that our children will be as healthy as any.

The ´School Food Committee´ also looks carefully at the food on offer to ensure that a balanced diet is being offered.