Netball club is run for both Primary and Secondary pupils. In Primary, the children are introduced to the basic skills of the game and are given time to hone these skills during match play. In Secondary, the pupils are introduced to more complex skills and drills. They are often given the opportunity to be involved in tournaments both within and outwith school.

Football club is run for both Primary and Secondary and gives students the opportunity to practice their skills and match play. This activity often involves tournaments which builds on the skills learnt in lessons. This is also the time for teams to practice for upcoming events.

Basketball is available for both primary and secondary, and it as opportunity for students the put the skills they have learnt into competitive situations. The focus here is on team play looking at skills, tactics and the rule set.

Dance is one of the most popular clubs in school and for primary students, it is the highlight of their day. Students will work on a variety of different performances to a range of music. It enables them to practice for the talent show, the parades, and the forthcoming inter-house dance.

We are very fortunate to have built up an excellent partnership with Nuevo Nivel Tennis club who send us a specialist coach on Tuesday afternoons to work with our primary students. The club is open to students from Year 2 to Year 6 and does incur an additional small cost.

Another variation of our popular arts and crafts club, this gives the students the opportunity to look at a different style and put down their ideas in a creative and colourful form of art.

Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts Club covers a variety of studies and skills. The pupils study some famous artists and try to emulate their techniques. They also use skills linked to the curriculum for their age group such as studying light and shade in pencil. They also learn to improve control of tools and techniques, such as cutting and paper manipulation skills.

Film Club
For those students who are budding film critics, they will watch and review a variety of different movies honing their media skills. Critiquing work is a key skill for any young student, especially those potential film makers among us.

Done through drama, meditation and colouring, this club is a great opportunity for our young students.

Traditional Cartoons
This club is a great activity for students to watch and review traditional cartoons from the classic era´s of animation. It helps students to understand the origin of big companies such as Disney and Warner Brothers.

Percussion group learn to play short pieces of music using drums, xylophones and glockenspiels or chime bars.

ICT is such a broad subject encompassing many skills. The students here have a great opportunity to play educational games, research areas of interest, and take advantage of the excellent range of software the school has to provide.

Maths and Reading
This activity is a great opportunity for those students who want some extra time to boost their numeracy and literacy skills. Structured tasks are lead by relevant specialists.