Wednesday 31st January 2018

All of our children in Primary were very excited to receive a visit from the author Pip Carr yesterday. Both KS1 and KS2 enjoyed listening to Pip read aloud the first chapter of her published book ´The Sea Rabbits of Greystones´. The author also kindly shared her experiences with dyslexia and explained the difficulties she had faced and ultimately overcome by writing her book. KS1 children then completed some beautiful illustrations of Molly, Max and the Sea Rabbits. A selection of these were given to the author and will be showcased on her website.
Pip held a session with Year 10, who were inspired by her open discussion about dyslexia and what it is like to be a published author.
It was great to see and hear our pupils interacting with a ‘real life’ author and getting so excited about reading! Pip has kindly donated three copies of her book, which can be found in the KS1, KS2 and Secondary library!
Miss Shaw

Quotes about the visit:

‘Thank you for organising this, it was lovely. It has also created a discussion with my class and her dyslexia. The children are fascinated to hear about it and want to know why medicine will not “fix it” for her?’
Gill Mitchell, Year 3 Teacher

‘If I had a penny for every child that asked me if I knew where the book was in the library yesterday, every time I walked past. So sweet.’
Alison Foy, PE Teacher

‘It was really interesting finding out more about dyslexia and how the author sees words.’
Sam Dadd, Year 1 Teacher.

‘I like Max and the book.’ Mario, Year 1

‘I liked the sea rabbits part. I liked the story.’ Olympia, Year 2

‘We loved the story and want to read it.’ Lile and Rocío, Year 4

‘I liked the story and that she had written about kindness and the girl helping the sea rabbits.’ Eoin, Year 5

‘I liked the story and the characters.’ Joel, Year 6

‘Thank you so much for letting me visit today. I hope the students enjoyed it as much as I did!’
Pip Carr, Author