DAY SCHOOL DATES: Monday 28th June – Friday 23rd July 6– 8 years


In our summer programmes the pupils completely immerse themselves in the world of English with our native teachers. The passion which is transmitted both inside and outside of the classrooms makes sure that our pupils not only lose the fear of speaking English, but also fall in love with the language. Using English in a range of activities is the fundamental basis of this course. English is taught throughout the whole of the summer programme reinforcing and developing the four essential skills of learning any language: listening, writing, reading and speaking. English is learnt together as a class unit through the means of play, songs, arts and crafts, sports, ICT, projects and activities. The objective is always to reach that perfect balance of fun and work, so that the pupils feel they have enjoyed their time with us, but have also developed their confidence with using and understanding English. The variety of activities is also an important part of the programme as they are used to develop each pupil on a personal level, encouraging them to work in teams and share experiences with others. This is their first big step towards becoming bilingual! Learning without realising.

We promote WORKING AS A TEAM and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT so that each pupil can make the most of their time with us and enjoy learning English at the same time. KING’S COLLEGE – MURCIA

Our Summer School takes place at Kings College, The British School of Murcia situated on La Torre  Golf Resort. The building is used as a school throughout the year and welcomes pupils from the age of Pre-Nursery to Year 13. In this way, the pupils gradually progress in order to take their final school exams with us and consequently move on to university studies. From its beginnings in 1969, King’s College has forged an excellent reputation for its high standards in academia and magnificent results with students who go to the best universities in Great Britain, United States, Spain and other countries.


The programme is designed to allow the pupils to take part in as broad a range of activities as possible, whether they are sport related, artistic, through the use of computers etc., always focusing on the needs of different age groups and abilities. The activities always have as their objective the full immersion of the pupil in the use of English, and in the most natural way possible. Our objective is to encourage learning through creative activities in which the pupils develop their skills of communication. In the classroom the activities are focused first of the learning on the language and how it can be used, which is then followed by activities which allow the pupils to put that language into practice in familiar, everyday contexts.


A daily menu is prepared and served to all the pupils by our own kitchen personnel. The menus are planned in order to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet. A copy of the menu is sent to the parents as part of the brochure you will receive once your application has been confirmed. The pupils will also have a snack provided in the morning. We also ask that you provide us with any details of allergies your child has in the space provided on the application form.


Fully qualified native teachers and monitors Lunch and mid-morning snack Programme of varied activities All resources Personalised attention Blog


Available bus services to and from the school