Dear Parents,

Last week I was in the UK interviewing prospective new teachers for our school, as well as attending some training provided by King’s Group for all the Head teachers. In my absence, school has been as busy as ever. Our annual Talent Show being a particular highlight and one that I am very sad to have missed.

As always, a few notices…..



Although I am pleased to see so many of our staff returned to us (welcome back Mrs Beck!), we still have one or two away, including Miss Nevin in Nursery. Of course we wish them a speedy recovery.

Our recruitment week provided mixed success. We were able to appoint a Primary teacher and an English teacher in Secondary. Unfortunately, we were unable to appoint a Languages teacher or Maths teacher, as we felt they were not of a high enough calibre for our school. We will be continuing our recruitment for these two positions.

Our new English teacher will be Miss Rachael Guilar, who hails from Northern Ireland.  Miss Guilar is planning to visit us towards the end of May, so that she can see the school and hopefully get a chance to say ‘Hello’, to some of her new pupils. I am sure you will join me in welcoming her in September. Our new Primary teacher will be familiar to some of you that have been with us a while. I am very pleased to say that Miss Toomey will be returning to our school, after having worked in the UK and in King’s College Panama.


Charity Committee Meeting

It was great to see so many parents at the recent Charity Group meeting; thank you all for coming. This term (and next) there will be some charity events where we will have the opportunity to help raise money for worthy causes, but also for our COBIS Athletics teams and Musicians. ‘Watch this space’!

Also, although slightly belated, the Royal Legion sent their thanks for the money we raised for November’s Poppy appeal. We raised almost 400Euros in our poppy sales. Next year we will top that I am sure!


Spanish University Presentation

This is just a quick reminder for all those parents who are interested in their child attending a Spanish university in the future.  Sra Balsalobre is giving a presentation on Monday afternoon at 4.30pm about how the system works.  As you know our school has already enjoyed a number of pupils gaining access to Spanish universities both locally, eg UPCT and further afield, eg Navarra.  I look forward to seeing many of you there.



We are pleased to announce that the school will be trialling an ‘app’ called TRACEUS. This app is used for school bus routes management. We will send a letter shortly, explaining how it works. In the meantime, please do check the TRACEUS website here.



Mon 5th Feb

4.30pm  Spanish University entrance presentation by Sra Balsalobre

(New York trip leaves)

Tues 6th Feb

 Safer Internet Day

Primary Interhouse Basketball

Thurs 8th Feb Primary Interhouse Basketball
Weekend New York trip returns



Yesterday our 5 scholars, América, Daniel, Samuel, Alberto and Blanca, attended the annual Scholars´ Dinner in Madrid.  Please do look out for the article on our website.

Best wishes,

Mr. Rumistrzewicz