Dear Parents,

This week our children enjoyed some fantastic demonstrations of robotics and golf. These will form part of the after-school activities we will have on offer later this term and for the rest of the year. The new activities will augment our already extensive afternoon Extra-Curricular Activities programme.

A few notices….


Extra Curricular Activities

As mentioned last week, we are sending you a letter to gauge interest in the after school activities we intend to offer. These are in addition to the extra-curricular activities your children enjoy in the afternoons. Please do take a few moments to read through and respond as soon as possible, so that we can get this up and running! Many thanks in advance.


Staffing and Professional Development

Unfortunately, Sra Morales and Mrs Raspison are still unable to return to us. I have already written to members of Mrs Raspison’s class about this matter. We have advertised for a Spanish teacher, just in case Sra Morales’ return is delayed, and we are currently going through our normal recruitment procedures. In the meanwhile, Sra Ibañez and Sra Pedreño are continuing to work with your children. Thank you for your patience.

Once again, a reminder that our annual Professional Development Weekend will be held from October 27th to 29th. For those of you who are new to the school, this is a three day event, in which all teaching staff at our school participate. For this reason, there will be no lessons on Friday 27th. Please be advised that school will finish early on October 26th at 1430.




Mon 2nd Oct 

Inter House Handball begins

4.30pm:  Year 7 Parents´ Evening

Tues 3rd Oct Inter School Swim Gala in San Javier
Thurs 5th Oct    Study Skills led by Dr van der Spoel
Fri 6th Oct Study Skills led by Dr van der Spoel
Mon 9th Oct School Display Preparation day



A busy week ahead with both Sports and Academic activities – make sure your children get plenty of rest!

Have a great weekend.

Stefan Rumistrzewicz