On Monday the 3rd December, King’s College Murcia held their very first Inter-house Dance competition. It was an opportunity for students to showcase their talents. Sofia from Year 9 opened the show with her amazing rhythmic gymnastic skills. Then Year 3 started the whole inter-house event and all the pupils in Year 3 took part. Cervantes went first followed by Churchill, Gaudi and Newton. They spun around, did cartwheels and in each house, you could observe some familiar moves from a popular computer game. In Year 4, we had some brave soloists perform – Hanween for Churchill, Irene for Newton and Pedro for Gaudi. Every group was different and the standard was very high. It was great to see Ino and Ende, Arturo and Jose perform some break-dancing moves. In Year 5 and Year 6, many of the groups had choreographed some very technical dance routines with a range of formations and acrobatic skills. Every dance was amazing to watch and it was evident that the pupils had worked hard on the performances. The flexibility from Lara, Martina and Ines was impressive as was the rhythmic content demonstrated by Sienna, Olivia, Clara, Marina and Begona. After all the performances it was evident the judges had an extremely difficult job.


Whilst the judges went away to discuss who they thought the winners would be, we had some of our Secondary pupils perform. The Year 7 girls – Martina, Ana, Victoria, Sara, Rebeca and Candela went first with ‘Girls like us’, then Martina and Candela performed a duet. Sienna and Daisy also performed a duet to ‘Cheerleader’ and looked amazing in their outfits. They were followed by the Year 8 girls – Angela, Irene and Claudia and we had two performances from the Year 9 girls –  Marina, Eugenia, Alejandra, Carmela, Carmen, Blanca, Sofia and Savina. This time we had the Year 10 GCSE Dance students, Jon, Carlos, Maria and Jessica as the judges; again they had a very difficult job to do as each group gave an excellent performance.


Eventually, after much deliberation, the judges had their winners and in some cases, there was just one point between the houses! The results were as follows:

Year 3 winners were Gaudi, Year 4  Cervantes, Year 5 Gaudi and Year 6 Cervantes. The overall winners of the first Inter-house dance competition were Gaudi and the winners of the Secondary competition were the Year 8 girls –  Angela, Irene and Claudia.


However, after watching all the performances, there was no doubt that every child and group who performed was a winner. They had shown confidence, creativity, leadership, discipline, cooperation and they were truly inspirational. I know all the staff and I couldn’t have been any prouder. I would like to say thank you to all the judges; Mrs Fellows, Mr Mills, Mrs Stackhouse, Maria, Jessica, Jon and Carlos; also Mr Brett and Miss Willett for their help with the music, Mrs Mitchell for helping with organising the children and Mr Ryland with his continued help throughout. Additionally, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the teaching and non-teaching staff at King’s College Murcia for all their support with the whole event and to all the parents who attended.


Mrs Foy