This year, in our Halloween parade we had some extra performances from children in EYFS and from children in Primary. All the children in Early years looked fantastic in their Halloween costumes. They performed ´If you’re a monster and you know it´ and in addition all  EYFS children danced to Dem Bones (the Skeleton Song.) This was followed by KS1 who sang and performed three songs including ´Haunted house, ´Boo` and an old classic that we all know and love, ´Ghostbusters.` We finished off the Halloween parade with the ´Ghost of John` which was fantastically sang by all of Primary in an acapella style.

Every year the girls and boys in Dance activity like to do a performance of the dances they have learnt. The Halloween parade is a perfect chance for them to show the school and their parents their dancing skills. Every year, the numbers grow. So this year each year group was given an opportunity to dance. The Year 3’s did ‘Black Magic’ by Little Mix, Year 4 did ‘Feels’ by Calvin Harris, Year 5 did ‘Ego’ by Willy William and Year 5 and 6 did ‘Swish,Swish’ by Katy Perry. The girls and boys looked fantastic in their Halloween costumes and did an amazing job remembering moves and positions as, due to the rain beforehand, they were unable to practise the performances outside. Carlos in Year 10, who is taking GCSE dance, performed a dance which he had choreographed himself – amazing!

To say Mrs Mitchell and I are proud of them all is an understatement, as they really do work hard and do themselves proud. You can see the enjoyment they have for Dance and it is a pleasure being able to teach them dance through our ‘Activities’ programme. Well done to the dancers and all the Halloween performers who really made the day extra special.

It was a great parade and it was lovely to see so many parents joining our parade and watching our performances . The children looked great and performed fantastically. Well done everyone.

Mrs Foy