Netball club is run for both Primary and Secondary pupils. In Primary, the children are introduced to the basic skills of the game and are given time to hone these skills during match play. In Secondary, the pupils are introduced to more complex skills and drills. They are often given the opportunity to be involved in tournaments both within and outwith school.
Football club is run for both Primary and Secondary and gives students the opportunity to practice their skills and match play. This activity often involves tournaments which builds on the skills learnt in lessons. This is also the time for teams to practice for upcoming events.
Basketball is available for both primary and secondary, and it as opportunity for students the put the skills they have learnt into competitive situations. The focus here is on team play looking at skills, tactics and the rule set.
Dance is one of the most popular clubs in school and for primary students, it is the highlight of their day. Students will work on a variety of different performances to a range of music. It enables them to practice for the talent show, the parades, and the forthcoming inter-house dance.
Climbing Club is all about learning how to safely and effectively tackle the state of the art climbing wall. Students will learn key climbing techniques, as well as how to safely belay other students up the wall. We have both an indoor and outdoor wall with various routes to challenge all levels of experience.
Sports/Dance Leadership
Here students will learn how to run/organise sports events and lead their peers. They will hone their leadership skills and then put these into practice through classes and events leading students of all ages. If successful, students will receive accreditation from Sports Leaders UK.
Students will begin to learn different yoga sequences and postures to bring calm and tranquility into their busy schedules. They will learn the benefits of both yoga and meditation to help them understand their minds and bodies better as well as explore what calming techniques work best for them.
Study Club
Study club gives students the opportunity to complete homework, seek extra support off members of staff, or catch up on work missed. It is the perfect opportunity for students who may want to consolidate their skills on a particular task.







Art Club provides students with the opportunity to develop their creativity in a variety of ways. Students work both individually and collaboratively to create excellent drawings and paintings as well as 3D props for the school production.





School Production
Students will spend their activity time honing their drama skills as they prepare for the schools next big production!




Music enables those who are more interested in musical activities to broaden their experiences by learning to perform in a group using more complex techniques such as singing in harmony or performing a percussion piece with more than four parts.





As we are fortunate to have an Olympic trampoline, here students can learn anything from the simple seat drop to the more advanced somersaults.
King’s College Murcia continues its excellent relationship with La Manga Club and Cricket España and this activity is a great opportunity for experienced and beginners alike. With fixtures and tournaments on the horizon, we are building an excellent young team.




Coming in a variety of different training forms, students have a great opportunity to build on their personal fitness with an activity focused around understanding and developing training principles.


One of our most popular sports in school, badminton is an activity which gives students the opportunity to enjoy competitive or cooperative matches. Due to its popularity, we are hoping to introduce this activity into our inter-house events calendar.