The children in EYFS were amazing in their recent Nativity called The Christmas Star. The story revolved around a group of children going into outer space and meeting the special Christmas star, who told them the traditional Nativity story and how they played such an important role in guiding groups of people to Bethlehem. Our 3 narrators were amazing. They had very clear speaking voices and helped to tell the story beautifully. We had some great dancing as well. The children danced to several different pieces of music and were choreographed by Mrs Foy, our PE teacher. They danced to “I believe in Christmas”, “Outer Space” and “Angels” and all did such a great job. They sang a range of traditional and modern songs and, in terms of acting, delivered a great performance. They also looked amazing in their costumes and all really shone during the show. Well done everybody! I would like to thank all the teaching staff for their hard work in making it such a special production, a big thank you to our year 9 helpers and to all the parents, for supporting the event and providing some wonderful costumes. Merry Christmas everybody!

Maree Wood

Head of Early Years