Dear readers

Welcome to our May edition of the EYFS hub! This an extra special edition as we saw a number of different events this month, including EYFS Sports Day, a Royal Wedding and a trip to Terra Natura!

Sports Day

The children did a super job during Sports Day. We saw, throwing bean bags, hurdles, penalty shoot outs and an obstacle course, to name but a few things. Our youngest children in Pre-Nursery did particularly well trying to get over those tall hurdles! Reception had some experience of what life will be like next year, as they also participated in some Year One style events. Thank you very much to Miss. Willett, Mrs. Foy and Mrs. Beck for their preparation, organisation and delivery of a truly fantastic day! Here are some of the highlights!

Royal Wedding

Who doesn’t love a good wedding! The children in Early Years and Key Stage One worked tirelessly preparing invitations, designing wedding cakes and dresses and decorating crowns for the biggest party of the year; the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Parents and children across both departments were invited to celebrate the special day, and we had a wonderful afternoon tea party. We were treated to some delicious traditional treats from our super kitchen staff, including British scones, with cream and jam, sandwiches and pastries.

On the day of the party we saw all sorts of activities, including pin the crown on the prince or princess, a wedding photo booth, crown decorating and we were so lucky to have our very own hairdresser, who did an outstanding job transforming all our girls into princesses for the day! She also happens to be one of our mums, so it was an extra special day for her children too. Thank you very much to Mrs. Clarke for all your wonderful efforts and hair glitter! It was lovely to see our two departments joining together and sharing the fun together. Thank you to all the kitchen and maintenance staff, teaching and support staff and parents who supported a truly lovely event.

Terra Natura

Nursery and Reception went to Terra Natura this month and had a wonderful time! They were amazed at how close they could get to the animals, and learnt a great deal about how they ate, when they slept and were even lucky enough to see some new baby animals! It was a lot of walking for little feet, but we had opportunities to stop and rest before carrying on with the tour. We had our own personal tour guides for the day, who made it a fun and enjoyable learning experience for all the children.

It is difficult to believe that next month we will be publishing the final edition of the EYFS Hub of this academic year! Stay tuned for news about the Pre-Nursery trip and our end of year awards ceremony! See you in June!

The EYFS department