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Welcome back to the EYFS Hub; our first Spring edition! This month we have welcomed Mrs. Whitfield to our team, and she has already formed fantastic relationships with the Nursery children. The children in Nursery and Reception have started their transition program, to see their new classrooms and to take part in various activities related to their year group; so far it has been a huge success! We had a fantastic day celebrating the school’s 10th Anniversary; our youngest children particularly enjoyed hooking ducks and bouncing on the castle. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights from April!


Pre Nursery

This month Pre-Nursery have shown a keen interest in mark-making and giving meanings to the marks they make. We have been so impressed with some of their independent work; some children have drawn wonderful pictures of their families; some children have attempted to copy letters from their name; whilst other children have taken to drawing and naming 2D shapes!

Now the weather is getting a little warmer; Pre-Nursery have been taking advantage of some outdoor learning! The painting easel on the patio has been a clear favourite; we have some budding little artists, who have produced some wonderful masterpieces!

This month the children enjoyed going on a yoga adventure with Squish the fish! Yoga helps to develop coordination, flexibility, balance and confidence! The children were fantastic and demonstrated great control and determination!

This month we also celebrated World Book Day; Miss. Shaw came to read us a story about finding the perfect pet! We decided some pets were too big, too tall or too fierce to keep as pets! In the end, the perfect pet was found; a cute, little puppy! We talked about all the different pets we have in our houses and we found that dogs were extremely popular!


This month in Nursery we have enjoyed learning about animals. We have looked at animals that live on the farm and animals that live in the garden. The children have produced some beautiful pieces of art representing sheep, chickens, snails, bees and butterflies. We have discussed what produce animals give us, what the animals like to eat, how they move and how they grow.

We have been particularly impressed with the children’s progress in counting, number recognition and number ordering. The class have been counting the number of spots on ladybirds, putting numbered parts of caterpillar bodies in order and looking at symmetry in butterflies’ wings.

In anticipation of their move into Reception class in September, the Nursery children have been visiting their new classroom once a week. The children have been very excited about their visits!
Finally, we planted some sunflower seeds in soil and talked about how the seed will grow into a flower if it gets plenty of sunlight and if we give it lots of water to drink. We look forward to watching our seeds grow into beautiful sunflowers.


This month, Reception have been looking closely at shapes. They have explored, sorted and labelled both 2D and 3D shapes and listed their properties! The children have been searching for shapes in the environment, constructed houses and made repeating patterns using them! Our most exciting topic of discussion was dinosaurs this month! Mrs. Brett was lucky enough to capture a video of a tyrannosaurus rex in our school car park! The children made “Wanted” posters to try and find him, but, he was nowhere to be seen! We decided to go on a dinosaur hunt in the end, and searched the school ourselves. He was in the classroom all along but had magically shrunk into a toy dinosaur! What a relief! The children have also been looking at sea creatures and farm animals this month; there is a lovely new display outside the classroom, celebrating all the children’s hard work, so do take a look when you are passing through the corridor!

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned next month, when we will have news about school trips and our Sports Day!

The EYFS Team