Dear parents,


Welcome to our special edition of the EYFS Hub! We have seen an action packed February, with special days scattered far and wide throughout the month!

This month, the children in Early Years were lucky enough to learn all about the traditions of Chinese New Year and sample delicious pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. They dressed as animals for Carnival, and learnt new skills during Enrichment Week! Let’s see how they enjoyed February in the department!


Chinese New Year was so much fun, we talked about traditional dragon dances, sampled some prawn crackers and learned how to use chopsticks. Our youngest children made a Chinese dragon and danced on the patio listening to traditional Chinese music! This year was the year of the dog, so the children magically transformed into dogs for the day! Thank you to Miss. Kirlew and Mrs. Simkins for painting the childrens’ faces!


For Pancake Day, the children watched a traditional Pancake Race from the 1950’s and laughed at everybody’s clothes! They learnt about why people in England have a pancake race each year, and finished the day by tasting pancakes with lemon and sugar.

Enrichment week was just as action packed as the week before! Reception had special themed days, which allowed the children to learn new and exciting skills. They had a “Get up and Go day”, when the children had a wonderful time playing games with the parachute. They also enjoyed a Science day, a gardening day and a cooking day! There was a bit of a disaster in Nursery and Fred Ted fell out of bed and bumped his head! It was a good job Nursery had enough vets on standby to help him get better!

The children ended the month with our annual Carnival parade, with some surprise dances for everyone! We saw some absolutely fantastic costumes, from chameleons and ladybirds, to dinosaurs and dogs! Thank you to all parents for your efforts with the costumes!

Thank you for reading and stayed tuned for another exciting edition of the EYFS Hub next month, when we will see Mother’s Day celebrations and Easter activities!


Mrs. Brett-Summers