Dear readers,

Welcome to our November edition of the EYFS Hub! It is hard to believe we are heading towards the end of our first term, so as you can imagine, the children are very busy with festive activities and rehearsals for our Nativity performance. Let’s have a look at what the children have been doing this month!



The children in Pre-Nursery have been enjoying dressing up and using the toys to support their roleplay; a particular favourite is the doctor’s set! Look at José wearing the doctor’s glasses and Lucas having his ears checked by Alison. This activity has been fantastic for language development; we are learning the names of different body parts and demonstrating we know how to care for each other. This month we have also been exploring our senses. We have used the mortar and pestle to crush and grind different herbs, such as mint and rosemary. We used our noses to smell the different herbs; the mint was very strong and tickled our noses! Some children chose to have a little taste! Yummy!

Laura Kirlew



The children in Nursery Yellow are really enjoying their topic on Winter and Christmas and it certainly has become a lot colder over the past week or so. We looked at and talked about clothing that is suitable for the winter and the children enjoyed dressing up in winter clothing. We have listened to a selection of Winter and Christmas stories including The Snow Bears, The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud. We also talked about animals that live in the arctic and how they keep warm. We have been doing lots of shape activities this month and our focus shapes this week have been squares, circles and triangles. We went on a shape hunt around the classroom and the children had to find a selection of shapes and match them to other squares, circles and triangles. They made some fantastic pictures using different 2D shapes and discussed what they had created. We had crabs, fish, caterpillars, houses and even a Christmas tree! We have been celebrating some birthdays in Nursery Yellow this month and have eaten some delicious birthday cakes! We are now busy learning songs for our Christmas Nativity which we will be performing in a few weeks time!

Maree Wood



This month in Reception, the children have enjoyed a variety of different activities such as measuring, full and empty, longer and shorter and bigger and smaller. They have also had fun with the senses.  We focused on sight, sound, taste, smell and touch and the children enjoyed making collages of pants for the textures, the game of smelling what was in the secret cups and listening to the different sounds recorded on the sound buttons. Of course we have also continued learning lots of new sounds such as l, h, sh, r, j, v, y, and w. We were asked to make an addition to the school´s “Time Capsule”, so we added a class photo, class list and some drawings that the children did. We really look forward to looking back on those in a few years time! We look forward to rehearsing our Christmas nativity which will be held on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th December.

Jo Simkins


Many thanks for reading, and we look forward to bringing you our special Christmas edition of the EYFS Hub next month!