Dear Readers,

Welcome back to your first edition of the EYFS Hub for the new academic year! For new parents, this is a monthly newsletter, highlighting all the wonderful things the children and staff do in Early Years. We will keep you informed about fun activities, special events and achievements from the department. The first month of school can always be a little tough for our youngest members, but we have dried all the tears now and the children are ready to show you what they have been doing! I hope you enjoy what you see!



We are proud to say that our youngest children have settled beautifully into their new class; they have embraced the change and they are beginning to explore their new classroom and form friendships with their new classmates. We are very proud of them!

This month we have been encouraging the children to become more independent and develop their self-help skills. The introduction of independent snack time has allowed the children to develop skills, such as pouring, scooping and spreading. These skills are very important and will help them develop their hand-eye coordination. Snack time has become a very sociable and enjoyable part of our day!

The children have enjoyed circle time sessions; involving singing and dancing along to Nursery Rhymes. The children have coped very well when going onto the big patio, with the older children which can be a very daunting experience. We are so proud of each and every child! Well done!

Ms. Kirlew




The children have had a very busy few weeks in Nursery and have adapted well to the new routines and new environments. They are really happy to be at Nursery with all their new friends and explore lots of resources and activities. We have done lots of exciting things and the children especially enjoyed water play, painting, drawing, playing in the sand, riding the bikes and scooters, playing in the home corner, looking at books in the reading area, playing with the electronic toys and ipads and listening to lots of stories.

We were introduced to Dough Disco which was great fun! We each had our own special coloured playdough and did all sorts of fun things with the play dough like squashing, squeezing, pinching, rolling etc and did these activities to very upbeat music! We love it! We have posted photos and videos on Facebook! We were introduced to our special reward bear Patch and he has already visited Marina’s house. He went to visit a castle and sat on a real cannon. How exciting! He is looking forward to visiting all the children’s houses and going on lots of adventures this term. We love looking at all the pictures that are put into a special book which is shared with the class.

We have all received special certificates and been on the Wow Wall and look forward to seeing who is on the Wow Wall each week and who has been given a special certificate which is presented in our weekly assembly. We are looking forward to next month a great deal!

Mrs. Wood



This month the children in Reception have explored their new environment and discovered all the different areas of the classroom. They have been reaquainted with their old friends and made some new friends too. It has been lovely getting to know the children and I’m looking forward to our new adventure together!

I didn’t hesitate to introduce the children to our fantastic eLearning box, filled with Bee Bots, walkie talkies, sound buttons and remote controlled cars. The Bee Bots were a particular favourite and the children learnt how to move them forwards, backwards and how to turn them, by pushing the correct buttons.

Our Funky Fingers area is also very popular in the classroom! It is so important at this stage to develop the children´s fine motor skills and strengthen their muscles ready for writing, and Funky Fingers is the way to do that! Each week the children complete two activities and this week they had to thread Cheerios onto sticks, and thread sticks into a colander! Reception also strengthened their little fingers by having a daily Dough Disco session! They sang and danced in time to music whilst manipulating play dough in their hands!

Finally, our ever popular interactive whiteboard was used to introduce the different numbers to the children. They had to follow the spots with their fingers to form the correct number.

This year we are developing an allotment for our department! The planters have already arrived and we will soon be planting vegetables and herbs. We will be encouraging the children in the whole department to help sustain the crops and at the end of each term we will be harvesting and selling our produce! If you should have any old gardening equipment at home that you do not need, or any bags of soil, we would appreciate any donations to aid our project.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first edition of the EYFS Hub! Please stay tuned for more exciting news in our October edition!

Mrs. Brett