Dear readers,


The month of May has, as always, been filled with fun and exciting activities within the Early Years department! The children have had opportunities to practise being in their next year group, they have had a school trip, and they have taken par t in some fantastic practical activities too. It is hard to think that there is only one month left before they move on, but they have achieved a great deal this year!



This month Pre-Nursery have been very kind and caring towards animals! We went on a nature trail and found two snails living in their shells! We brought them back to the classroom, made a little home for them with wet mud and then researched what they liked eat. We found some lovely green leaves for them! The children decided that the snails wanted their mummy, so after a week of looking after them,  we released them back into the wild! Then we found a poorly baby bird! We gave him some water and he started to feel better, we put him in the tree; so his mummy could find him and look after him.



This month in Nursery Yellow we have been working really hard with our numbers and our phonics. We have been counting groups of objects and matching them with the correct number and we have been writing our numbers to 10 with the help of a number line. A really fun way to help us learn our numbers is to play bingo and the children have had so much fun doing this especially when they get to be the bingo caller!


This month we started our Jolly Phonics and we have been learning the letters s, a and t. We have been learning phonics songs and writing letters using a variety of materials including chalk, pen and pencil and have been drawing letters in sand, foam and rice. We have been using espresso on the ipads and the interactive whiteboard and found some excellent phonics games to help us with our letters and sounds.


Reception Red

This month, we have looked at sorting different items. We liked sorting the vegetables because we could sort them in different ways. Some of us like to write number sentences and we are very proud of what we can do! As part of our Bear topic, we cut out and sorted bears into size order. Reception Red have spent one afternoon a week going to Year 1 to see what it will be like in September. They have been looking at clothes at different times.


Reception Yellow

This month one of our topics was all about the jungle! The children loved looking at different types of jungle animals, especially the different types of parrots, so they made their own! We then moved on to talking about farm animals. The children loved using corks to make muddy pigs, and cotton wool to make their own sheep! The children love messy play, so we explored what happens when we add cornflour to water! The texture was lovely! The children have started to choose to write within their playtime now, which is wonderful to see!


Reception and Nursery had a real treat at the end of the month, a trip to their favourite zoo, Rio Safari. They saw a variety of animals, exhibitions, and they each had the opportunity to feed our good friend Geraldine the giraffe! The children were beautifully behaved, and it was commented upon by members of the public whilst we were there, we were very proud of them indeed!

Mrs Brett-Summers