Chromebooks at King’s College

We are delighted with how enthusiastically the entire King’s College community has embraced our eLearning project and, in particular, with the extremely positive response from parents, pupils and teachers to the one-on-one Chromebook programme we rolled out to Y7-13 in all our schools. This first major milestone in the eLearning programme puts technology at the heart of learning at King’s College and signifies the start of a very exciting journey for us all; a journey that will revolutionise how we as educators, parents and children approach learning and collaboration both in and out of the classroom.

You can find information regarding Chromebook Procedures for Students and Parents in the Parent Digital Learning Handbook.

You can also visit our Chromebook Portal for more information.




If you need to repair your Chromebook, you need to follow one of these procedures:

  • Lenovo N21. Not under warranty anymore, you can fix it locally or buy a new Chromebook from iEducando using this link
  • Lenovo N22. You can register your issue in here
  • Lenovo N23, Lenovo 11e and HP X360 you can go here



Please do feel free to contact us with any further questions via our dedicated helpdesk: