2020 A Level Results

King’s College Murcia students celebrated an excellent set of A Level results in 2020, despite a challenging year for all schools across the globe. This year’s results are the best in the school’s history and we are proud that we have been able always to ensure continuity of learning, be it on-site or online, throughout these difficult times. This has proven to be invaluable to our students, whom we are delighted to see be rewarded for all their hard work.

Overall, the cohort performed as follows:

2020 2019
Overall Pass Rate 100% 98%
Papers Graded A*  27% 17%
Papers Graded A* – A  49% 31%
Papers Graded A*, A, B  76% 55%


‘We are very pleased with the A Level results of our students this year, their success is a testament to their hard work throughout the course of the last two years. Particularly notable is the increase in results at the higher end, 49% A*-A, which is a testament to the tenacity of our pupils here at KCM.

Our pupils have enjoyed similar success in their ‘Parte Especifica’ examinations.   We are proud of our pupils gaining places in the UK at famous Russell Group universities (Top 24 UK institutions) such as the University of Manchester and the University of Birmingham, as well as those in Spain and the USA.

Congratulations to all the King’s A Level pupils this year. Very well done, indeed.’

Dawn Akyurek, Headteacher


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2020 IGCSE Results

  2020 2019
Papers graded A* (9-8) 36% 24%
Papers graded A* – A (9-7) 53% 39%
Papers graded A* – C (9-4) 99% 93%