2016 Academic Results

As you know, at King’s College Murcia, we endeavour to ensure that the children in our care achieve their potential in all areas of the curriculum, both academic and non-academic.

2016 A Level Results

This year we celebrate our A-Level results with yet another excellent pass rate of over 90%. Stefan Rumistrzewicz, Headteacher added “My thanks go to our hard-working pupils and, indeed, all the equally hard-working staff involved in their preparation for these most challenging examinations.”
The results in brief are as follows:

2016 2015
Pass rate (A*-C) 79% 67%
Pass rate (A*-B) 50% 43%


Mr Rumistrzewicz concluded “My congratulations go to all those who have received their exam results today. I hope you will come back soon and tell us about your adventures in the ‘real world’ outside school!”

2016 IGCSE Results

A* -C 85%
A* / A 34%
A* 19%

2016 End of Year 6 Test Results

We are delighted with the Year 6 results in 2016, this year 59 pupils took the tests.

Subject Level 4 and above
English Reading: 97%
English Writing 76%
English Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar: 90%
Mathematics: 85%


Headteacher, Mr Rumistrzewicz adds “I am particularly pleased that so many of our pupils have achieved Level 5, indicating that they are performing above the expected level at the end of Primary. Our results in English are an improvement on previous years, which is immensely pleasing as the majority of our pupils are non-native English speakers.  My congratulations to all the pupils, Year 6 teachers and other staff who assisted with preparations for these tests.”

Level 4 is the expected attainment level for the majority of children talking tests at the end of Primary Education. Pupils achieving Level 5 or more, have surpassed the expected level and are performing above national standard levels for their age.