Dear Parents,


As this is my final letter to you of the year 2020, of course it is a chance for us to reflect on the eventful year that has passed. My goodness, what changes we have seen. I was speaking with all the teachers today during our weekly ‘virtual’ briefing and mentioned that I was drawn to a headline in the news this morning. It was entitled, ‘Can you remember January 2020?’. It certainly made me think…January seems very much an age ago…A time when terminology like ‘social distancing’ simply did not exist and hybrid and online learning had not even been thought of, let alone actually undertaken. 


This year has truly seen some quite remarkable changes in the educational world and has led us to consider what, indeed, is education all about and how do we ‘do it’. We at KCM believe that it is all about getting better, making progress in all areas of life, not just in the academic. As you know, we strive to ‘nurture world-ready learners’ and perhaps this year has afforded us this opportunity more than in the past. Certainly, the world our children will be entering in adulthood will be hugely technologically advanced and, through the necessity of ‘lockdown’ and quarantine, all of our learning community’s technological skills have had to improve dramatically to become world-ready. Equally important, has had to be our attention to mental health as well as the physical. The increased focus on these two aspects really has enabled us to continue on our nurturing journey also.


This week has seen a change to our usual end of year programme, with now ‘virtual’ concerts and, sadly, no carol singing in the community. Even so, I am sure you all enjoyed the wonderful performances online (do follow the links that have been sent to you). Today, also I was pleased to update the school on the state of play with the House point totals….I am sure your children will tell you who is in the lead at the moment.


On a different note, a number of you have asked about where I will be going after next term. I can now inform you that I will be the new Principal at the British School of Malaga (part of the ISP Group). The school is on a similar journey to KCM and it will be an exciting challenge, I am sure.


Just a few notices this week….




As you know, places at King’s College are in great demand, so in order to guarantee a place for your child(ren), we need you to confirm their places for the academic year 2021- 2022. In order to do so, please complete the Google Form ( by 31st  January. 


Please bear in mind that we need to receive official confirmation so that we can guarantee spaces for the next academic year and so make the necessary academic arrangements. If unfortunately you have decided not to re-enrol your child(ren), please let us know so that we can confirm spaces for the new pupils currently on the waiting list.  


If you do not wish to re-enrol your child for the school year 2021-2022, please give notice by stating so in the Google Form. In this regard, please be advised that no refund of the returnable deposit will be made if notice is given later than 1st April 2021, as one full term’s notice should be given, as set out in our policy. Deposit refunds will be expected to be made at the beginning of July 2021.  


School Shop


This year the uniform shop will be closed from Wednesday 23 December to  Wednesday 6 January, reopening again on 7th January at regular hours (always by appointment). 




We have had an overwhelming response regarding the ‘old consoles’ collection. Thank you so much for your generosity. We are certain these will find a very good home at the orphanage.


Parent Consultation Day


We have been very pleased with the response to the use of the new app system for booking your consultations. Thank you very much for embracing this new system and we trust it will run smoothly on Monday.


Monday 21st Dec Parent Consultation Day – no lessons


Friday 8th January Term 2 begins. School gates will open at 9am as usual.



Today, we said ‘Goodbye’ to Mr and Mrs Wilmshurst. Of course, they will be here to speak to parents on the consultation day on Monday, but today we took the opportunity to wish them well for the future.

It only remains for me to wish you all the merriest and happiest of Christmases after what has been a very challenging year. Take care of yourselves and I (and Mrs Akyurek) will look forward to welcoming you back in the new year.

Stay safe everyone.

Mr Rumistrzewicz