Dear Parents,


As you will have read in the message from Ms Elena Benito last week, I will be leaving KCM at the end of next term. Of course, I will write in more detail about this when I depart in April, but I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you now about how much of a privilege and honour it has been for me to lead this wonderful school all these years. Together, we have seen the school change in many ways, with growth in numbers and amazing academic success. And yet, in many ways, it is still the same family school that we have all grown up with. I have felt for a little while now that it is time for a new adventure and I will be informing you all what that will be, soon enough. But for now, thank you!


This week, as we all know, has been a very short one and so there has been little change since my last letter to you. However, I can say the Christmas preparations are very much in full swing, despite the restrictions. Music videos have been recorded and edited for a virtual music concert next week (which will, of course, be made available to parents) and charity collections have seen wonderful generosity from our whole school community. Thank you all so much.


As ever, a few notices this week….


Charity – a message from Dr Browne and Mrs Hardwick


“Thank you very much for all the donations for the San Jose orphanage; they have already arrived and are currently in quarantine. 


Whilst visiting Sian, the co-ordinator, Mrs Hardwick had a conversation with her, regarding the children´s awe at receiving last year, one second-hand games console. This sparked an idea to ask you, as children and parents, if you have any unwanted or not-needed consoles to donate? 

If your child has a new replacement console over the Christmas holidays, maybe they would like to provide a loving home for the old one. They could be left with the class teacher or a box in reception, and dropped to the San José Orphanage. 


Thank you for your help and generosity on behalf of the children of San Jose.”

Dr Browne and Mrs Hardwick




A further reminder that our counsellor, Jorge, has created a short video presentation to introduce himself and also to explain in a little more detail his role within the school. You can find a link here.  

Last week, we talked to our students in secondary about the importance of sleep.  Our pupils filled in a sleep survey and we do have a large minority of pupils that are not getting sufficient sleep.  We would encourage you to look at the presentation we sent last week and see how you can support your child to ensure they have good sleep health.




A further reminder that blazers are compulsory for all secondary pupils. Jumpers are optional, but recommended given the colder weather and need to keep windows open in classrooms. Summer polo shirts should no longer be worn and ‘hoodies’ of any description are not allowed. Please also remember that the shop is now open if they need to purchase anything. Our uniform requirements can be found here. Many thanks.


Parent Consultation Day


As mentioned last week, you will soon be receiving details on how to book slots for the forthcoming Parent Consultation Day on Monday 21st December.



Friday 18th Dec Christmas Concert

Monday 21st Dec Parent Consultation Day – no lessons



After a short week and national holiday celebrations, we have had some restrictions lifted in our region. Even so, please be careful and when you have a moment please take a look at this article from El País, which contains some very interesting and informative graphics regarding the spreading COVID HERE

Stay safe everyone and see you next week

Mr Rumistrzewicz