Dear Parents,


This week, many of our older students have been very much focused on their mock examinations. Although we must remember that this is the first time that many of our students have undertaken these exams, it is nevertheless a good opportunity for them to evaluate where they are in their learning and how prepared they are at the moment for the summer. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities in the months ahead for practice and preparation, so ‘nil desperandum’!


Yesterday, my leadership team and I had the pleasure of welcoming Nick Wergan and Elena Benito to our school termly board meeting. Wherein, we discussed our school development plan (as mentioned last week) and all our current successes and challenges. Both Nick and Elena send you all their warmest regards and trust that once all the current restrictions are over, they will be able to see you and speak to you in person.


Also yesterday, we received a surprise visit from the local authority Health and Safety inspector. Who came to check that we were following all of our procedures and protocols and ensuring that the safe and nurturing environment was being maintained. Though I am not surprised, I am pleased to say that he was impressed with our school and the systems we have in place to ensure our students’ health, safety and wellbeing. He also made some useful suggestions which will be most helpful to us moving forward. 


A few notices this week….




A reminder that our counsellor, Jorge, has created a short video presentation to introduce himself and also to explain in a little more detail his role within the school. You can find a link here.  We have also been talking to our students in secondary about the importance of sleep.  Our pupils filled in a sleep survey and we do have a large minority of pupils that are not getting sufficient sleep.  We would encourage you to look at this presentation and see how you can support your child to ensure they have good sleep health.




A reminder that blazers are compulsory for all secondary pupils. Jumpers are optional, but recommended given the colder weather and need to keep windows open in classrooms. That summer polo shirts should  no longer be worn. Please also remember that the shop is now open if they need to purchase anything. Our uniform requirements can be found here. Many thanks.




Following the success of our recent collections and as we now enter the season when we particularly consider the plight of others, we are now collecting second hand blankets and towels for the local rescue charities. These items can be brought in and there will be a box in reception until the end of term for this purpose.


Health and Safety


Further to my comments above, please can I remind parents with younger children who are waiting with you at pick up times, to be watchful so as to avoid the hazard of moving buses or, indeed, pupils exiting the building.

Also, please can you ensure that your child brings their facemask to school and carries a spare. In recent weeks, we have had to issue spare masks to pupils frequently.  Many thanks.


Parent Consultation Day


Given the very positive feedback we received from parents last term, our last day of this term Monday 21st December will be a parent consultation day. This will take a similar format to last term, with parents booking ‘slots’ throughout the day to speak to their child’s teacher(s) about their child’s progress. Ten-minute slots will be available throughout the day from 9.30 until 4.30, as before, with staff sharing the GMeet codes beforehand. There will be a new system that we will be implementing for this (we will inform you in more detail shortly).

As I said, parents found this a very efficient way of conducting consultations and also enabled those that live or work far away to ‘attend’ without the need to commute.

We will be sending more details about this in due course, but please be advised that there will be no lessons on that day and the school will be closed to pupils, as all staff will be engaged in meetings throughout.



Monday 7th Dec  School closed – Holiday

Tuesday 8th Dec  School closed – Holiday

Monday 21st Dec Parent Consultation Day



Advent has now begun and I am sure that many of your children have begun the ‘countdown to Christmas’ and writing our Christmas cards. With that in mind, a special congratulations to Mercedes in Year 6 who came 2nd out of 18000 entries in the Purple Mash Christmas card competition – amazing and well done, Mercedes. You can see her fantastic card here.

Stay safe everyone and have a good rest.

See you on Wednesday.

Mr Rumistrzewicz