Dear Parents,


This week we have been celebrating ‘Anti-bullying week’ through an engaging assembly and a variety of activities, not to mention ‘Odd Sock Day’ where we look to consider diversity in our community and beyond. Of course, although it has been a focus for these thoughts this week, ‘anti-bullying’ is something in which we are engaged throughout the course of the year and, indeed, throughout our lives as children and adults. We know that bullying can manifest itself not just in schools, but more often than not in the workplace also and it is how we challenge these behaviours and learn to empathise that makes us who we are. And so, Anti-Bullying week is a very important time in our school’s calendar, as we continue to learn to appreciate diversity and other people’s points of view.


Also this week, pupils have been continuing to collect items for the San Jose orphanage in our annual ‘Shoebox’ collection. It has been great to see how the community has come together to support this worthy cause. Please do continue to bring in items for this (see last week’s letter).


This week also saw the first edition of the ‘Golden Lion’ student newspaper. This was great to read, with some interesting short articles about the COVID changes and Mental health. The interviews with staff and film reviews were particularly enlightening. Thank you to all who contributed and to the team of Dominic, Sara, Dima, Victoria and Kristina (overseen by Miss Guilar) – a great read!


As ever, a few notices…..


Uniform and Shop


After a temporary closure, I am pleased to say that the shop is now open fully and you can continue to purchase your child’s uniform by booking an appointment as before. To make an appointment please contact Miriam on  Many thanks for your patience and understanding.


Health and Safety


Thank you all for adhering to our request regarding social distancing and not congregating at the parent ‘drop off’ area. It is very much appreciated and we have already seen a much better flow of ‘traffic’.

Please still remember to keep an eye on younger children who are waiting with you, so as to avoid the hazard of moving buses! Many thanks.




Thursday 26th Nov – Mock exams begin for Year 11 & 13



As another week of reflection and consideration for others draws to a close, we look forward to a good rest this weekend and invite all of our community to think about how we treat each other.

Stay safe everyone and have a good rest,

Mr Rumistrzewicz