Dear Parents,


This week we finished with some Halloween fun. Although we were unable to do our traditional Halloween parade due to the COVID restrictions, this did not deter our 6th Formers from organising some fantastic activities for our pupils to get involved in. 


With the end of the public examinations we have also seen the completion of our mid-termly grades for our older pupils. As always, these will give you some idea as to how your child is progressing in their subjects and, for those in examination year groups, will also give you an indication of your child’s trajectory and final outcomes. That being said, it is still early days and there is plenty of preparation time ahead, ensuring your child’s success in the summer.


As I mentioned last week, the Inspired Group’s photographer visited our school this week to take photos of our new environment and how our children are learning. He very much enjoyed his visit and remarked on what a lovely school it was – but, of course, we knew that already!


As you know, we take our whole community’s health and safety very seriously and so I am pleased to say that our fire drills throughout the week have gone very well and we will continue them when we return from the short holiday, to ensure that all pupils and staff are fully cognisant of the protocols. Likewise, we are continuing to be vigilant with regard to all the COVID protocols we have had in place since the start of September, to ensure that all members of our community are safe and secure.


A few notices…..




As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we have keep an eye on the weather, which has indeed changed somewhat recently. The mornings have certainly become more chilly. Therefore, we will be switching to winter uniform as usual when we return from our long weekend. That is to say, winter uniform will begin on Wednesday 4th November. 


Health and Safety – Masks


A brief reminder from my comment last week to ensure that your child also brings a spare facemask, just in case. We have had a few instances where children have misplaced their masks during the day (after eating) or, more commonly, their masks get dirty somehow. Of course, the school has a supply of emergency masks. However, if your child could bring their own spare that would be much better. Many thanks.




You will be pleased to know that the total raised for our ‘One Tree’ appeal was 427Euro. This means that 427 trees will be planted in the world’s deforested areas directly as a result of your contributions – fantastic!


After the short break, we will be making collections for Christmas, starting with our ‘Shoebox’ collection. This is not to collect shoeboxes, moreover it is to collect items that we will put into shoeboxes that will then be given as gifts to those in need at the San Jose orphanage in Orihuela. Example items include: Pencil cases, pens, coloured pencils, colouring books, hats, gloves etc. Any extra items will be donated to Casa Cuna as we did last year. More details on this will follow shortly.


Also, we have reached that time of year again when we think of all those that have died in conflicts around the world. Our annual Poppy appeal has begun, so please do give generously.




Mon 2nd November      School Closed – Holiday


Tues 3rd November      School Closed – Holiday


Wed 4th November      Winter Uniform begins 



This week has also seen a tightening of travel restrictions, not only within our region but also within our municipality. Of course, we have provided all of our parents with the necessary travel documentation in order to enable you to pick up and drop off your children. But we do understand that this will make travel more challenging. 


Please take care of yourselves and be careful out there. Enjoy a good rest over the next four days and we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday.


Have a great weekend,

Mr Rumistrzewicz