Dear Parents,


This week has seen the end of the IAL examinations for our older students, although some iGCSEs are just around the corner for our Y11 students. Also, yesterday a number of our teachers braved the wet weather to add their times to the Inter School Virtual Road Race. This is a competition in which several local schools are taking part and, as ever, we are very determined to win! Pupils and staff from different schools have been invited to send in their best times for various distances, depending on their age. Mr Ryland has been reminding all the children to send in their times – so good luck to everyone!


As I mentioned last week, we have been looking at ways in which we can engage with parents more, particularly given these difficult times when it is more challenging to see people in person. Thank you again to all those parents that attended the recent Q&A session about Spanish University entry. We have received very positive feedback about this way of running information sessions, particularly as it gives parents a better opportunity to ask questions, having had a chance to watch the presentation at leisure the day before. We will look to continue this method for future information sessions and workshops. Likewise, we have been discussing and looking at ways in which the teachers of our older pupils can engage with parents. More on this very soon.


Further to our Health and Safety protocols, today in Key Stage 2 we practised our first socially-distanced and bubble-secure fire drill. Practising these drills is hugely important so that we are ready should an emergency arise. This is something we have always done regularly throughout the academic year. As you can imagine, the COVID protocols provided an extra challenge in the organisation of this and I was most impressed with how sensible the children were, as we ensured they evacuated the building quickly and at the same time maintained their distance as well as not interacting with other bubbles. Well done!


As always, a few notices…..


Marketing Photographs


We would like to inform you that on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th  a photographer from Inspired will be coming to the school to take photographs of our students and staff engaging in class activities, with a view to using the images for our school’s external and internal marketing materials. Therefore, please ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform and looking ‘ship shape’ on both days.  Regarding the audio-visual parental consent, if you have not yet completed our GDPR form, please click  here to do so. Many thanks in advance for your help in this matter.


Health and Safety – Masks


Thank you to you all for your continued efforts in maintaining our protocols. We are all aware of the difficulties of wearing facemasks, social distancing and so on. With the former in mind, please can I remind you to ensure that your child also brings a spare facemask, just in case. We have had a few instances where children have misplaced their masks during the day (after eating) or, more commonly, their masks get dirty somehow. Of course, the school has a supply of emergency masks. However, if your child could bring their own spare that would be much better. Many thanks in advance for your support in this matter.


Lost Property


A further reminder that due to the current regulations, we can no longer hold on to lost property. So please do ensure that your child’s clothes are correctly labelled so that they can be returned if misplaced.


Fri 30th October Halloween ‘Virtual’ Parade – more details to follow from Mrs Cassidy


Mon 2nd November School Closed – Holiday


Tues 3rd November School Closed – Holiday


Don’t forget that with the onset of Autumn, our clocks lose an hour this weekend! This will mean lighter mornings, but darker evenings so please take care everyone and ‘Stay Safe’.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Rumistrzewicz