Dear Parents,


It was wonderful to see so many pupils in green today, celebrating our ‘Just One Tree’ initiative. As you will recall, this charity looks to help our planet ‘one tree at a time’ by raising money for tree planting, particularly in areas of deforestation around the globe. These carbon sinks will, I am sure, be of vital importance for the world our children will inherit and we hope that they will ultimately make a positive difference to climate change. 122 schools from 8 different countries took part in this initiative today and it makes me very proud that our school was the only one in Spain to do so. Thank you all for your support in this.


This week, behind the scenes, my team and I have been discussing ‘parental engagement’ and the challenges to this imposed by COVID restrictions. So far, feedback from you has been very positive with regards to the recorded ‘Loom’ presentations we have been producing and the communications from younger year groups through Dojo. The fact that you can watch the presentations at leisure and ‘dip in and out’, has provided much more flexibility which we believe is a model we will continue for the future, even after the current crisis. Even so, we have also discussed other ways in which we can communicate with you all, as we are well aware of the plague of email during this time.


Also this week, we have continued to look at health and safety protocols around the school. Our ‘COVID’ task force meets weekly and we discuss all matters pertaining to Health and Safety and any new pertinent regulations. As ever, this is to ensure that our nurturing and safe environment here at KCM continues to be just that.


As always, a few notices…..


Lost Property


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, please remember that due to the current regulations we can no longer hold on to lost property. So please do ensure that your child’s clothes are correctly labelled so that they can be returned if misplaced.


Winter Uniform & School Shop


As mentioned last week, we will be switching to Winter uniform in November. However, given the continuation of warm weather, we will watch this closely over the next two weeks to determine whether a short delay in the ‘switch’ may be advisable. Even so, the school shop has winter uniform in stock in anticipation of the change. Please click here for the uniform list. 


Online Pupils


Firstly, thank you for your diligence in keeping your child away from school when they are unwell and adhering to our protocols in this regard. To enable us to better prepare for your child’s online experience, please could you make sure that you inform the school as early as possible, preferably by 8.30 at the latest. Many thanks in advance for your support in this matter.




Wed 21st October Spanish University Presentation (Year 11-13 parents) 16:45 – 17:45



Next week will be the final week of IAL examinations for our Year 13 pupils, though some GCSE examinations are still around the corner for some younger secondary students – so get some rest and above all, stay safe everyone!

Mr Rumistrzewicz