Dear Parents,


This week has seen the end of our first month back in school and the onset of a change in the weather. As ever, I have enjoyed going into classrooms and seeing how your child is progressing as well as meeting with our Health and Safety group to ensure that we are following all the necessary current regulations. This group meets regularly to go through action points raised and also to discuss possible innovative solutions to practical problems. With the latter in mind, it was a joy to witness socially distanced PE lessons and also Key Stage 2 singing or should I say ‘Call and Response’ on the patio – socially distanced, of course!


Our hybrid teaching and learning has continued this week and I am very proud of the fact that we continue to be the only school British curriculum school in the region that has this provision for our pupils. Our teachers have also benefited from online meetings and continued professional development through online portals – further demonstrating our mission as a learning community.


As always, a few notices…..


Entry cards  – a message from Mr Brett


Students have been issued with a new card this week. This card can be used to ‘contactlessly’ sign in and out of the school premises. Parents of students in Pre Nursery, Nursery, Reception and Year 1 and Year 2, please can you keep this card safe and use it when your child is late, or has to sign in or out for medical appointments. We would suggest taking a photo of the card and saving it to your favourite images for easy recall when needed. There is also space on the back to write down any codes for safe keeping.


For Year 3 and upwards, children can keep the card safe in their bags and use them again when they need to. We suggest for those who have mobile phones in school to also take a photo of the card and save it to their favourite images for easy recall when needed. 


Sickness and Hybrid Learning


A further reminder that if your child is unwell, has a high temperature or any other symptoms of illness, please do not bring them to school and keep them at home until symptoms subside. If they do have any COVID related symptoms, please ensure they have a PCR test (and results) before their return. 


We have had some instances where pupils who are ill have been attending lessons virtually. Whereas this is very laudable on their part, it may be less stressful for them to focus on their recovery, rather than trying to do both. Please do consider this when advising us of your child’s ‘virtual’ attendance. Many thanks. 


Lost property

A reminder that we are no longer able to hold on to lost property. Please can you ensure that your child’s clothing and any other items are clearly labelled, so that they can be returned easily. Many thanks.

Class Presentations

I trust that parents of our older students in Key Stage 5 (6th Form) found the presentation informative and  enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions online during the Q&A session. From the feedback we have received, parents seem to have enjoyed this format and we will look to continue to produce more online presentations for the future.



Wed 7th October       Local Holiday – School Closed


Fri 9th October         Secondary Virtual Poetry Visit by Ash Dickinson


Mon 12th October    National Holiday – School Closed


Wed 14th October    UK University Presentation (Year 11-13 parents)


Wed 21st October    Spanish University Presentation (Year 11-13 parents)



Just to wish all our Year 13 pupils who are taking their IAL examinations next week, the very best of luck. I am sure they will do very well!

Next week we enjoy the first of two public holidays on Wednesday 7th October. So please do remember that the school will be closed on that day.


Mr Rumistrzewicz