Dear Parents,

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend last week and especially the opportunity to go outside for a walk with your family, albeit with some limitations. I confess, it was quite amazing the effect of simply being outside and walking has on one’s wellbeing. Taking an evening stroll with other family groups in my village doing the same (at a good distance from each other), it was lovely to see the smiles on their faces and to exchange greetings with one another as we passed in the sunshine. What a joy.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our parents who answered the survey from Inspired. Although the turnout was low, relative to the size of our pupil body, we have gained considerable insight into both your concerns and also your praise for eKCM. There were many useful comments and suggestions which my team and I are now working on. So thank you again.

With the phased de-escalation of the quarantine, my team and I have been putting together contingency plans for the various possible scenarios for the partial re-opening of the school, if and when phase 2 is declared in our region. As you can imagine, these plans are logistically extremely complicated to put together. Even so, we now have plans in place for if we open for our youngest pupils (and oldest), which are in accordance with the phase 2 guidelines and limitations. Shortly, those parents whose children fall into the relevant age brackets (i.e. under 6, or over 17) will receive an email from me regarding our plans and also whether they would like their child to attend or not.

Also, recently in the news we have seen the announcements of schools opening in September with 50% occupancy. This will produce its own challenges and Inspired and KCM are also working on the possible implications of this and how to manage it. Again, it’s complicated. However, as part of a large group we are able to draw on the experiences of our sister schools around the globe, some of whom have already returned to work. This puts us at a huge advantage over our competitors, and other schools, who are also trying to navigate the difficulties which this form of opening would entail. As always we will keep you informed once we have plans in place – notwithstanding any changes in government decisions, of course

Whereas Bank Holidays in the UK are traditionally on a Monday, in the UK today they are holding their May bank holiday today. This is because many people in the UK will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day. I am sure you will see much about this in the media this evening.

….and finally…..

It merely remains for me to wish you a peaceful and happy weekend and we will see what next week brings.

Stay safe everyone.

Best wishes,

Mr Rumistrzewicz