Dear Parents,

Another week has passed in our continued quarantine, though there now seems to be light at the end of the tunnel with the recent phased changes being proposed by the government in the coming weeks. I am sure this will come as a huge relief to you all. As you know, we at KCM are mindful of our community’s mental wellbeing and so the opportunity to leave the house for walks, or exercise generally, will be a huge benefit to us all in this regard.

Although this has been a short week, it has been nevertheless busy. I have ‘popped in’ and visited a large number of virtual classrooms this week and have been hugely proud of the engagement of our pupils, both large and small, in this new way of learning. Much has been said in the media about the disadvantages of online learning, with regard to human interaction and so on. However, there have been benefits also. Pupils have been learning resilience and self-motivation. They have been learning new IT skills and independence. These are but a few things they have learnt outside the regular curriculum and all these skills will be incredibly useful for them as they develop over the years to come and enter the workforce of the future.

When we return to school, the educational landscape will have changed quite significantly, I am sure. Many will be concerned about this. However, we at King’s and, indeed, Inspired are excited. I mentioned above the new skills and things our pupils are learning at eKCM. However, we as educators have learnt a great deal ourselves over these last weeks. This situation has provided us with an opportunity to explore new ways of educating our youngsters and the current learning environment is enabling teacher collaboration like never before. I have witnessed first hand teachers and leaders from different schools, and within the same school, ‘meeting’ and learning from one another – it has never been easier to visit each others’ lessons!

A reminder……

Parent Survey

As I mentioned before, we very much value your feedback so, if you haven’t done so already, please can I remind you to complete the survey for Inspired – it should only take a few minutes and can be found in last weeks “Letter from the Head” .

……and finally.

So, as we look towards the light that is at the end of the tunnel and a gradual return to ‘normality’, we at King’s are very much looking forward to the ‘new normality’ in whatever form it may come and we will see you all there.

Enjoy your long weekend. Stay safe and ‘see’ you again on Monday.

Best wishes,

Mr Rumistrzewicz