Dear Parents,


Enrichment week has not gone entirely as planned….The events of the last few weeks and, indeed, the last few days have been unprecedented and certainly a new experience for us all, I am sure. The spread of COVID 19 has finally reached our region to the extent that school closures have become necessary. I would say at this point, that we have had no confirmed cases of COVID 19 within our school community – despite what might be circulating through Whatsapp groups! 

Fortunately, together with our sister schools in King’s and the wider Inspired community, we have had contingency plans in place for some time now. I trust you will have now received a letter from me regarding the overall plan for the next two weeks.

From next week, we will be taking our first steps into a new school world, the ‘virtual school’ world. Your children will be most familiar with much of the technology, I am sure. If you are a parent of younger pupils, you will be receiving outlines of learning plans and weekly timetables, so that you can follow your son or daughter’s learning. For older pupils, they will be following their usual weekly timetable and staff will be available during their given slots, with work set accordingly. Heads of department and class teachers will be monitoring pupil attendance and also their work and progress.

We are in communication also with the exam boards during this period, so that we can keep apprised of how (if at all) the forthcoming exam season will be affected. We are very mindful of our older students preparing for very important examinations in the coming months and we are continuing to ensure the best support possible.

Next week is a short week, so lessons will be provided for Monday to Wednesday as scheduled. It will also be Week B again. 

Of course, ‘Upcoming Events’ are postponed for the time being, so that section of my letter will not appear here today. Even so, we will keep you updated throughout this period, so please do keep checking your emails. 

We have been advised that schools in Murcia will be closed until 29th March, although this may change. As always, we at KCM will provide the best possible education under the circumstances – as would be expected of any King’s school.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. I am sure with your continued support we will get through this tricky period all the stronger for it. Please take care of yourselves and your families. Avoid any unnecessary travel and keep safe. We will be in touch so please watch out for emails as we will be sending you updates as often as is practicable.

I trust we will see each other soon.

Best wishes,


Mr Rumistrzewicz