Dear Parents,

Firstly, we must begin with congratulations to our very own Brodie, who celebrated amazing success in the regional swimming championships last weekend by being selected to represent Murcia in the National Championships later in the year – Well done to her!

This week, with the kinder weather, we welcomed the Chairman and CEO of Inspired Group, Mr Nsouli and Sra Benito. They very much enjoyed their visit and tour of the school. Mr Nsouli spoke of the exciting future developments for the school in the years to come, including a theatre and swimming pool to name but a few.

Aside from our visitors earlier in the week, it has been a relatively quiet one in terms of events, as pupils have been auditioning during their lunchtimes in preparation for the Variety Show this afternoon.

So a short letter this week….



As I mentioned last week, please be reassured that no re-enrolment fees are payable  to confirm your child’s continuation in September 2020. However, as set out in our school policy, please note that one full term’s notice must be given for the €600 deposit (paid at the time of registration) to be refunded, should your child leave school in June.



As you know, we take your child’s welfare and safety very seriously here at KCM. So, please be advised that we will be sending out a letter shortly regarding changes in procedure in terms of ingress and egress of the school buildings.



Tues 4th Feb Safer Internet Day

Thurs 6th Feb UKMT Maths Challenge for Y9-11

15.30 EYFS Parents’ Coffee Afternoon 


Secondary Parents’ Evenings and Curriculum Events



Not to be overshadowed by the other big news story today, the week has ended with one of our big events of the year, the King’s College Variety Show. This was split for the first time, due to popular demand, with our Primary performers taking the stage and showing off their talents. The Secondary students will get their chance later in the year.

With my best wishes for a restful weekend,

Mr Rumistrzewicz