Dear Parents,


Thank you for all your contributions to our appeal for various items for the victims of last month’s floods. As you can see from the bags in our reception area, we now have a great deal to donate and we will be arranging delivery shortly. Please could I kindly ask for a hiatus in the donations, while we ascertain from the Red Cross what further needs there might be.


This week we had our second coffee morning, Primary Parents’ evenings, trip meetings and presentations to parents of Years 10 and 12. Thank you to all the parents that attended these. As ever, we very much appreciate your feedback and support.


A few notices….


Charity Fundraiser

A further reminder that we will be holding a charity fundraising concert for the flood victims, to be held on Friday 25th October at 3pm and the programme for the afternoon is being prepared, with lots of top acts!

We are also holding a raffle on that day and are looking for donations. If you are interested in donating any items for the raffle, please could you bring them to reception as soon as possible. Many thanks in advance and we look forward to seeing many of you there.


Google Classroom

As Secondary parents are aware, your child has a chromebook which is used extensively throughout the curriculum. Also, homework is set and recorded via ‘Google Classroom’. To enable greater transparency and engagement, we have enabled the facility for you to be able to track and see the homework that has been set for your child. You will be receiving an email next week with instructions on how to do this.


GDPR Centralisation

As you know, we in King’s Group take data protection very seriously and as handlers of sensitive data we ensure that it is secure and accurate. For this reason, we have been refining our processes. You will soon be receiving a link in your email requesting you to complete a Google Form. Please be advised that although the form will be in English, there is a translate function available on Google when you open it. Many thanks in advance for your help in this matter.


Signing documents

In a bid to do our bit for the environment and reduce paper usage, we have implemented the “SignNow” program. Some of our authorisations and forms will now be sent out via email instead of the traditional paper. This is an online app (available from your mobile phone APP store) and is called, ‘SignNow’. You may receive a link in your email requesting that you sign a document. Please complete and submit it using the link and app. Many thanks. As ever, please do contact us if you are unsure.


School Apps

We have a number of apps for school now. If you need any help with setting up or signing in, please contact reception. They will try to help or pass your request to Mr Brett, our ICT Technician, who will aim to resolve any problems, or provide you with a solution. If you do not already use any of the apps, you can download them from your store. They are:

iParentfor reports, timetables, information, letters etc. Using your normal Parent Portal login details with school code ‘KCSM’

Class Dojo for Primary and Early Years (Communication and a ‘feed’ of daily activities in your child’s class)

TraceUS – this is our bus monitoring software. This software will allow you to change bus route for those using the bus, contact the monitors, and even track the bus in real time etc.

SignNow – as described above, this is our new method of signing some documentation.

Securlyif your child is in Secondary they will be using their Chromebooks for many aspects of their school day. You may have already signed up to the monitoring software, Securly. It allows you to see what your child has been doing on their Chromebook, and even adjust settings to restrict access to certain pages etc. Search your email for Securly, and follow the instructions there, or if you have not received the email, please let reception know at and they will arrange for an email to be sent.



As an early ‘heads up’, please remember that we will be changing to winter uniform after the long weekend. That is to say, from Monday 4th November. Therefore, please do take this opportunity to visit the shop as necessary. Many thanks.




Tues 15th Oct


15.30 Primary Coffee Afternoon


Fri 18th Oct


 KS2 and Secondary Sports Day at the Polideportivo in San Javier
‘Wear It Pink’ day – charity day (details to follow)



On Friday 18th we will be having our first ‘Big’ event of the year, the Interhouse Sports Day. This is a change to the traditional date in May as it was felt the weather would be more conducive at this time of the year. Also on that day, we have ‘Wear it Pink’ where we will be collecting for breast cancer charities (more details next week).


In the meantime, have a great weekend and see you all on Monday.


Mr Rumistrzewicz