Football News

Our young footballers are loving their Wednesday training sessions. Each week they are learning new skills and putting them to the test. They are not just learning the skills to kick the ball but also great teamwork and fair play skills. Parents are always welcome to go over and watch the game at the end of the activity.


Year 1 Walk Around Our Local Area

As part of our Geography objectives, year 1 went on a walk around the school. We were looking for things that we could see and hear. We heard lots of traffic but we couldn’t always see it. We saw cats, trees, a church… and lots of flying ants accompanied us during our time exploring. What can you…


Wow Words

To promote the use of ambitious vocabulary with the children, we have decided to introduce two challenging words each week throughout the whole school. Every member of staff will try to include these words as much as they can throughout the week. Our aim to raise the level of the children’s English in their speaking, listening and writing.…


How Does The Garden Grow?

King’s Infant school garden is starting to take shape. The children have enjoyed planting carrots and radishes in class. We have been looking after them for 3 weeks and now we are in the process of transferring the young plants to the big pots outside the office. Hopefully in a few weeks they will continue to grow bigger…


Making a Splash!

Every Friday morning some of our Reception children start the day by making a splash in the pool at Pio Xii. Mrs Davies reports that each week the children are becoming more confident in the water. Many of our Year 1 and 2 children finish Friday afternoon in the same way, by swimming their way towards to weekend.…


A Special Visit From Mexico

The Year 2 children had a surprise visit from a special guest all the way from Mexico. One of the parents from the Lions class (Luis del Canizo) was eager to talk to the children about life in Mexico. He brought lots of interesting objects and shared them with the children. The children were fascinated to learn about…



On Wednesday 14th October we celebrated World Maths Day in school. All the children started the day with a special shape assembly. The theme for the day was tangrams and creating pictures using them. Our Year 1 & 2 children also took part in the World Education Games online, putting their mental maths skills to the test. We…