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King’s Infant School AWARDS 2015 for Year 2 Pupils


In the final term of King’s Infant School we want to prepare our pupils for the next stage in their school lives where they need to make appropriate decisions about behavior and learning more independently. The children will have time during the week to discuss, set targets and evaluate their work towards this award, which will be shared at home. Please encourage your child as we will at school to work on the areas the award highlights. This is an optional award children work towards and those who meet the criteria descripted will receive a King’s Infant School Award at the end of Year 2.

This award will be given to those who show continued commitment to learning and to those who have put extra time and effort into developing skills outside of classroom lessons. It is a chance for those children who work hard and are valuable members of our school community to receive recognition.

Work towards the award will begin in the third and final term of their time at King’s Infant School.


Find all information about it in this document:


2015_04_29_King’s Infant School Award