Last month the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 celebrated a special Diwali Day.

Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, is often celebrated with lamps, fireworks, sweets, gifts and cards. Interestingly, this association of light with festive celebrations is not unique to Indian culture. People decorate their homes with lights for Christmas; brightly coloured lanterns are an important part of the Chinese New Year; and during Hanukkah, nine candles are lit in the menorah. One can see that light is an important part of festive celebrations all over the world. As well as learning about Diwali the children also talked about their own celebrations and how they relate.

Turtles,Diwali and End of October 137 (6) The Turtle class celebrated Diwali all week. They listened to the Diwali story and learnt a little bit about why Diwali is celebrated. They talked about events that they celebrate and how they celebrate them. They learnt about how Hindu’s and Sikh’s celebrate Diwali. The Turtle class made Rangoli Patterns, drew Mehndi Patterns and made Diva Lamps out of plasticine. Then everyone got to dress up in special clothes to celebrate Diwali. We had a lot of fun learning about Diwali.
Diwali Dolphins The Dolphin class had a great time celebrating Diwali. They learnt about the different things that people and their families do to celebrate Diwali, and did lots of exciting crafts. The children dyed rice different colours and then used spoons to scoop it into a tray to make a beautiful rangoli pattern. They also made rangoli patterns using chalks and coloured pencils. The children designed their own Mehndi patterns and on Friday Miss Martin used face paints to draw Mehndi patterns on the children’s hands. They also used different coloured plasticine to create their own diva lamps. To finish the week of Diwali celebrations, they all dressed up in colourful Indian clothes and did lots of Bhangra and Garba dancing.
 Giraffe Diwali The Giraffe class really enjoying learning about the story of Diwali. Afterwards, the children chose from a selection of activities and produced beautiful Rangoli pattern chalk pictures, character masks from the Diwali story and made paper diva light that popped up with a pattern around the edge. The children had a wonderful time and really learnt a lot about how other people celebrate important days. They talked about some important days people celebrate, like birthdays and Christmas, and compared some of the differences and similarities, such as wearing special clothes and spending time with family.
Diwali Zebras (12) The Zebra class enjoyed making some Diwali crafts. They drew Rangoli Patterns with chalk, made masks from the story of Sita and Rama, designed Mendhi patterns for their hands and made Divas to stand up. They even continued in the patio; Leire came back from playtime and showed the class her Rangoli pattern. She said “It’s special because it’s how they celebrate Diwali.. They’ve been singing ‘It’s Diwali’ (to the tune of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’) and the Giraffes have been chanting “Diwali, Diwali Diwali”.
 Lions, Diwali Day (16) The children from the Lions and the Tigers had a fun day celebrating Diwali. First they learnt the reason why Diwali is celebrated by watching a video which told them the story. Then, they spent the day creating spectacular and colourful Rangoli patterns using all kinds of materials. They worked in groups to produce large Rangoli patterns on black card using chalk, plasticine, tissue paper and rice, trying to create different patterns with the different materials. At the end of the day the Lions and Tigers came together and celebrated by doing some Bollywood dancing and learning about Bhangra music.


Ms Turner adds: “All of the children had a fun and exciting day learning about the Diwali celebration.”