Nursery Curriculum Meeting 2014

Reception Curriculum Meeting 2014

Year 1 and Year 2 Curriculum meeting 2014

How to help in Reading:

  • Talk about what might happen in the story before reading the story
  • Don’t forget the importance of the title and front cover
  • Use phonics to read unknown words
  • Look for tricky words ( words that don´t follow the phonics rules) and talk about what makes them tricky
  • Talk about punctuation
  • Model how to read with expression
  • Ask questions like “What happened to that character?” “Why do you think he/she did that?”, “Did you like the story?” “Why/Why not?”
  • Write an alternative ending with your child
  • Talking about where the story is set, who are the main characters, the beginning, middle and end
  • Remember you do not have to do all this in English. Your child will benefit just as much if you do it in Spanish.

Sounds in English:

Phonics Set 1 (Basic Sounds)

Phonics Set 2 sounds