We offer at King’s College Murcia the opportunity to participate in this two-week program for all students who wish to develop their skills in computer science and engineering, all in English! This new summer course has focused on those students who show special interest in this area. The most important part of computer science is problem solving, an ability that is also essential for daily life. The students will study design, development and analysis of software and will combine it with engineering projects in which they should show creativity and initiative. As part of these projects, they will also learn the essential and necessary vocabulary to communicate ideas and understand the methods involved in each of them. Our camp takes place at Kings College Murcia located in La Torre Golf Resort. The building is fully operational and the center welcomes students from Pre-Nursery to Year 13. In this way, students progress to complete their final exams with the following access to university. Since its founding in 1969, King’s College has built an excellent reputation for high academic standards and great results with students going to the best universities in Britain, Panama, Spain and many other countries. PROGRAM The main objective of this two-week course is the use of LEGO robots. An activity that will involve students programming robots to make them dance to the rhythm of music. This will allow the students to develop their creativity, their problem solving and their logical thinking. In addition, students will learn to use 3D design software and design improvements for LEGO robots, which they can print using the new 3D printer.


Every day a meal is prepared by our own kitchen staff which is served to all students. The menus are prepared ensuring a balanced and nutritious diet. A copy of the menu will be sent to the parents at the beginning of the camp. Students also have a snack at mid-morning and in the afternoon. If you have not specified in the registration the possible allergies that your child may have, please inform us of them in the space indicated on the application form.


Highly qualified teachers and native speakers, Mid-morning snack and lunch, Activity program, All the material, Personal attention, Blog, and  Excursions every Friday


Bus service available to and from school